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Mirror with 9 multy color thrade embroidery work

Mirror with 9 multy color thrade embroidery work

Ikat the resist is formed by binding individual yarns or bundles of yarns with a tight wrapping applied in the desired pattern. The yarns are then dyed. The bindings may then be altered to create a new pattern and the yarns dyed again with another colour. This process may be repeated multiple times to produce elaborate


3mm Siquence with Yellow color used in this Fabric. Viscose thrade of 9 different color also used in this Fabric. Stylish Mirror Paper Work also used in this Fabric

Finish Good will be in Form of Roll.

We supply the goods as per the order quantity

1000 MTR

We can use this fabric to make many types of stylist garments Because the color and size of the sequence can give a deep look to any garment.

Blouses, Dresses, Gowns, Shirts, Flared skirts, Sarees (or saris), Tunics and salwar kameez, Salwar suits, Evening wear, Bridal wear, Lining, Scarves, shawls and stoles, Veils, Bows, Waist belts

If you have any different kind of scope or Idea or any kind of customization, we will try to make fabric as per your Demand. Customization available with : Color of the Siquence, Color of the Thrade, Color of the Fabric